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who we are

El Magd For Technology Solutions & Remote Control Systems is one of the most famous companies in Egypt. Provides many technological solutions for homes, businesses, stores and factories in remote door control, surveillance cameras and safety systems

About company

Established in 2006 with increasing demand for automatic door systems. Through market research and customer needs, we have provided comprehensive solutions for surveillance cameras, safety systems and doors, such as garage gates, sliding gates, intrusion barriers and traffic barriers.

Our mission

Providing all modern technological solutions for modern houses in Egypt. We provide electrical door motors which worked by remote control which are divided into garage motors and hinged door motors. We provide these products with the highest quality and the lowest price in the Egyptian market

Our goal

Is to become the leading company in the field of technological solutions in the Arab world and to provide all means and tools of intelligent technological solutions to maintain the comfort and confidence of our customers at reasonable prices
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