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Garages doors More than one type to protect cars from theft

Garages doors More than one type to protect cars from theft

We at El Magd Technology Solution offer you the best types of Garages doors.
Where we are distinguished by providing the best quality and the cheapest prices available in the market.

We have a long experience in the field that dates back to 2006. Where we are distinguished by providing automatic doors in more than one way.

Where we have the advantage of making strong doors made of galvanized iron, and doors can also be opened and closed by more than one method.
such as using the remote control or using the application after downloading it on the smartphone.

Or use the manual opening of doors in the event of a power outage. These doors provide full protection for your cars from being stolen.

Garage doors

Garages doors Sliding and automatic

In El Magd company we offer many kinds of doors manual or automatic.

You can choose the doors that suit your home or your garage.

Where we are characterized by providing strong doors

made of galvanized iron.which is of high quality.

We have a long experience in the field of manufacturing automatic doors and garage doors.

Since our company has been in the Egyptian market for 16 years.

We provide after-sales service (lifetime) to help customers solve problems that appear later.

Doors of various sizes and 5 years guarantee

You will find a variety of doors that we manufacture in our company.
Where there are doors bearing 180 kg.

We also have different lengths for Garages doors.
The width and length of the doors may be up to 6 meters.

We offer a 5-year warranty on our products,

and we also communicate with customers in case of any problems with the doors.

The doors we make are strong.

We also use more than one type of doors,
to control the opening of doors from a distance.

and the use of a smart card that can be controlled
through which the garage door can be opened and closed easily.

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The best garage doors in Egypt

You will find more than one type for Garages doors of various sizes.
There are also manual and automatic doors.

These doors help protect your cars from theft or exposure to rain or wind,
and we also have strong doors and prevent dust from entering the garage.

We have many employees in the company,

who are trained in how to install the doors correctly and quickly.

Advantages of Garages doors at El Magd Technology Solution

We offer you many types of automatic and manual doors,

the doors are distinguished by they prevent noise.

It also has the advantage of the motor

in it that it does not make sounds.

We install garage doors in all Cities of Egypt as soon as possible.

There are also doors that can carry 6 tons of weight.

Our products are safe. We use a 3S motorthat cannot be used to lift or close doors

except through the main control unit or remote control.

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