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Electric garage doors and achieve maximum anti-theft protection

Electric garage doors and achieve maximum anti-theft protection

Electric garage doors, In the past, many people relied on traditional doors, which relied on opening doors manually.

Now through El Magd Technology Solution you can open the garage door remotely or by using the phone application.

The doors in our company are distinguished by the fact that they are made of galvanized iron,

and our products do not need maintenance on an ongoing basis.

We offer after-sales service to customers, also a 5-year warranty.
our company also offer many shapes and colors of doors with the cheapest prices and the highest quality.

We have more than 16 years of experience in the Egyptian market, and we know the needs of the Egyptian customer well.

Electric doors

Electric garage doors

We depend on our motors for high quality doors, and they do not need maintenance every short period.

You can get garage doors with great appearance at the cheapest prices through our company.

We have after-sales service for life.
These doors are characterized by ensuring the complete safety of customers.

Where the doors are closed or closed in the event of an obstacle preventing the movement of the door.
Like having people or other things like kids games or bikes.

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The advantages of El Magd company doors

Our long experience in the electric garage doors industry makes us the first choice for many customers in Egypt.
We are also distinguished for providing the best prices.

The strong motors that are used in the doors are characterized by strong performance,
you will notice that there are more than one shape
and no garage doors in our company you can choose from what suits you best.

These doors that we install in your homes or companies provide complete safety.
We offer a five-year guarantee.

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