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Garage doors the cheapest prices in Egypt market

Garage doors the cheapest prices in Egypt market

Garage doors, You do not need to get out of your car to open the door, but now you can use the remote control feature.

Or download the application to your phone

to open and close the doors without getting out of the car.

These doors also have the ability to be designed by El Magd Technology Solution company

in more than one shape and color.

The length and width can also be controlled according to the preferences of customers.

The length and width can be chosen up to 6 meters.

These doors are of good shape and high quality of the materials made of them.

Garage door

Garage doors

We have a long experience in the field
of manual and automatic doors manufacturing,
as the company has been established since 2006.

We also train workers in our company

on the correct way to install the doors and ensure their safety.

We offer the advantages of garage doors to customers,
and we also give customers the smart card through

which doors can be opened and closed easily and without problems.

More than one copy of the door keys is given to customers.

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Advanced doors from El Magd company

In our company we have many shapes of Garage doors of various sizes.
Where you can choose doors up to 6 meters
in length and width.

These doors also feature a large capacity to lift weights (from 180 kg to 2 tons).

These doors are made of galvanized iron, which is strong and hard.

We do after sales follow up service for our clients. We also offer a 5-year warranty on our products.

The doors can be opened remotely
through the main monitor, or using the smart card.

You can also download the phone application,
which the customer can absolutely
control the opening and closing of the doors even if it is far from the garage.

Our 14 years of long experience in the field
has made us one of the most prominent companies in Egypt.

We always provide the best solutions to our customers.

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