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automatic doors And feature protection against rust and rain

automatic doors And feature protection against rust and rain

automatic doors, Certainly everyone strives to have the best advantages in their home, company or even his office.

We at El Magd Technology Solution offer you the highest quality products that we use in the manufacture of garage doors.

One of the most important features of the doors that we install for customers
is that the doors prevent dust and rain from entering the garage or store.

It is also made of materials that protect from exposure to rust, and strong coating types are used that remain constant for as long as possible without the need for maintenance or repairs.

automatic door

automatic doors

The doors that we manufacture and install for customers have several advantages.
For example, it has a wonderful design, and its color can be chosen from more than one of the existing colors.

It also has the advantage of being made of galvanized iron. The paint used is not affected

by exposure to winds or various weather factors such as sun and rain. Also, these doors do not allow dust to enter.

We have doors with a height and width of 6 meters. We also use strong types of door motors.

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The complete safety of these doors

These doors help parents enjoy complete safety. Where the door can not be closed in the event of an obstacle,
such as the presence of some things such as toys or even pets.

You can also use the manual operation of the doors in the event of a power outage at home or the company.

You can download an application on your phones, to help you open and close the door even while you are away from it.
We depend on our companies for the finest types of materials used in making doors at the best prices.

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