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Automatic doors Egypt Cheapest prices and after-sales service

Automatic doors Egypt Cheapest prices and after-sales service

If you own a garage, office, or company, or want to protect your home from being stolen.

We at El Magd Technology Solution offer

you the best types of doors

that help you to get full protection of your property.

You can contact our company to obtain Automatic doors Egypt,

which is characterized by its manufacture of galvanized iron,

which does not require maintenance.

We have sufficient experience in the company,

as we have been working in the Egyptian and Arab market since 2006.

As we are considered one of the best companies to manufacture doors and surveillance cameras.

We use galvanized iron to make doors.

Automatic doors

Automatic doors Egypt and the most important features

These doors are of different sizes,

as the door can reach 3 meters in length.

The preferred color can also be chosen,

and a long-lasting paint is used.

Also, these doors do not require constant maintenance.

We provide after-sales service to our customers

so that we can fix and maintain any problem they are exposed to.

These doors have the advantage

of not having to disassemble and install during maintenance.

Also in our company we have long experience in the field of monitoring,

since the company was established since 2006.

We are also distinguished by providing

the best prices in the market and the best raw materials.

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Advantages of El Magd Technology Solution

Our company has been operating

for many years in the Egyptian market,

where the company was founded 14 years ago.

We provide after-sales service to customers

to follow up on maintenance and problem solving.

We also offer many types of doors for companies and factories.

You can buy surveillance cameras

from our company at the best prices.

The doors in our company are characterized by a variety of weights,

as we can have doors with a weight of 500 kg to 4000 kg.

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